Cooper Psychiatry Residents & Fellows, Cherry Hill, NJ, March 1st, 2020

Eagles Viewing Party, Philadelphia, PA, December 9th, 2019
June 16, 2020
Delaware Psychiatric Center Luncheon, New Castle, DE, February 19th, 2020
June 16, 2020

An Evening Out with Cooper

March 1st, 2020


Seasons 52 did not disappoint with their food and ambiance. Looking back on that night, my mind (and my taste buds) recall all the yummy goodness – and no, I have no regrets. Although my scale probably tells me I should J CFG Health Network also did not disappoint with quality conversation with Cooper Psychiatry Residents and potential candidates to grow our work family.  Tuesday night started out with some dark skies and drizzle.  But those who braved the weather were able to share in good conversation ranging from CFG facilities to marathons and rock climbing.  How awesome to know and meet some great people with varied interests.

I think that’s one of the reasons that make CFG great – we, too, offer a variety of options for varied interests in the field of Psychiatry. You enjoy Inpatient work? We got you covered. Outpatient, Child and Adolescent, or Geriatrics? We got you too. Always wondered what it was like to work in a Correctional facility? We staff many county jails and can give you the experience you’re looking for. As Residents evolve into practicing physicians, the ability to offer a wide range of practices certainly makes the job hunt a little easier.

Thank you to Ron DeFeo, Executive Director for Hospital Services, and Dr. Pat Cleary, Medical Director for the Castle Program, in Camden, NJ. These two gentleman have made our Residency Outreach efforts a priority despite their already busy schedules. Thank you for seeing the value in our program and consistently providing support. That’s another thing that makes CFG such a great place to work – shared values in helping each other grow. Residency Outreach Specialist, Teddy Costa and I see the sacrifices you have made to make our events successful. Stay tuned for more great things from CFG’s Residency Outreach team!


Written by:

Carmelyn Vedar,

Residency Outreach Manager